Best Valorant Players 2024 – 5th One Might Shock You

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So do you want to know who the best valorant players 2024 are? You have landed in the right place.

Valorant is a first-person shooter game which was released in 2020, and since then the game’s popularity has been rising massively. With the rising popularity of the game, its player base is also increasing.

The game’s competitive scene has also boomed since then. There are so many good players in Valorant, posing some very unique skills and game sense compared to a normal player.

Valorant has some of the best and most well-known esports players, including Tenz, Shroud, Scream, and Hiko.

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10 Best Valorant Players 2024

We have ranked the best valorant players 2024 based on their accomplishments and their performances in competitive scenes. And how important they are to their esteemed teams. 

Do they justify their given role properly and are some of the best? Like, for example, Yay playing chamber will absolutely annihilate you. And a duelist like Tenz, who can make the entry for the team into the site to the lethal headshots of Scream, who is an absolute headshot machine.

Lets look at the list of the best valorant players 2024

10) Best Valorant Players 2024 – PRX Jinggg

Best Valorant Players 2022 PRX Jinggg image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – PRX Jinggg

PRX Jinggg is a 19-year old valorant player from Singapore who belongs to the Paper Rex Squad(PRX). Although he might not be as popular as the others on the list, he is definitely a future prospect.

PRX Jinggg plays the role of an entry fragger for PRX and uses the duelists Raze, Reyna, and Neon in competitive plays. Although he only plays duelist for PRX mostly, he can play defensively if the teams need it.

Jinggg is a good entry fragger as he helps prx to enter the site and clear spots, creating spaces for the team’s safe site execution.

Jinggg has also been a consistent fragger throughout the tournaments locally and internationally for Prx and has helped the team many times. He’s got a pretty great aim and game sense. Once he gets in his element, he can pop off in no time.

9) Best Valorant Players 2024 – FNC Derkee

Best Valorant Players 2022 FNC Derkee image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – FNC Derkee

Derkee is a former CS Go player who switched to Valorant recently and found great success in it. He is signed to fnatic, which is one of the top esport organisations in the world, and Derkee is maintaining that brand name quite well.

Fnatic can rely on Derkee to frag out and win rounds for the team. Fnatic can rely on Derkee to frag out and win rounds for the team. Because of his oping ability, Derkee mostly plays jett and chamber.

Derkee is so good with an operator that you better not peek at him while he is holding an angle. He can take the first peeks for the team. That’s why he plays Jett and Chamber, as these agents allow them to get out of cover and peek and dash out or teleport after the shot.

8) Best Valorant Players 2024 – DRX BuZz

Best Valorant Players 2022  DRX BuZz image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – DRX BuZz

DRX BuZz is a South Korean player who plays for DRX, which was formed by the acquisition of the former Vision Strikes Roaster. DRX has been so dominant in the South Korean esports scene in recent years, and BuZz has been one of the important factors in that dominance.

He is the main duelist for Drx and has been a consistent fragger for them, making entries and clearing spots for the team to enter the site. And he can win tight and 1v1 situations very well, or even clutch the round for the team.

BuZz mainly plays jett and chamber like many others, and he is also a very good oper for DRX. He can eliminate the entire team with his option. He is also considered to be one of the best jett players in the world right now.

7) Best Valorant Players 2024 – 100T Asuna

Best Valorant Players 2022 100T Asuna image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – 100T Asuna

Asuna is a player for 100 teives who is of Ukrainian descent but lives in America. He is one of the most popular valorant players worldwide. He is currently 19 years old and is considered a player with huge potential.

Asuna played as an entry fragger and as a duelist for 100T under Hiko’s leadership when he was playing for 100T, but Asuna has improved so much throughout the years that he can technically play any agent, from initiators to duleists to sentinels, you name it and not play badly with it. He can utilise the agent at the topmost level.

Given his age and the skills he possesses, Asuna has the potential to be one of the best players in valorant. Although 100T has not been quite good in recent times, Asuna is the one they can count on.

6) Best Valorant Players 2024 – Loud Aspas

Best Valorant Players 2022 Loud Aspas image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – Loud Aspas

Aspas is a Brazilian player who is 19 years old and is currently signed to Loud a Brazilian gaming organization. Loud is one of the top teams in the Brazilian esports scene and quite dominant too. A part of the team’s success has to be given to Aspas.

Loud won the 2024 Valorant Championship, where Aspas played a major part in lifting the trophy. Loud defeated strong teams like DRX, FPX, and Optics Gaming, who are also as capable as loud. and Aspas was quite consistent throughout the tournament.

Aspas primarily plays raze and jett because his role is primarily that of a duelist; he can easily clear spots and pave the way for the team on the site. His aim is insane with an operator. Whether he has taken jett or chamber, he can play both at the very best of his ability.

5) Best Valorant Players 2024 – FNC Boaster

Best Valorant Players 2022 FNC Boaster image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – FNC Boaster

FNC Boaster is a British player who has been signed by Fnatic, which is one of the top esport organisations in the world. He is also a former CS: GO player who switched to Valorant.

Boaster is one of the best igls (in-game leaders) you can have on your team. A team can have the best players in the world, but if they can’t coordinate and are not well-led, then they are nothing. A good leader can do wonders for a team and its star player, although FNATIC has not been that good recently.

His superior game strategies and mental fortitude set him apart from the competition. He has led Fnatic to many international tournaments. He is one of the best igls in the Valorant scene.

4) Best Valorant Players 2024 – TL Scream

Best Valorant Players 2022 TL Scream image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – TL Scream

The headshot machine of CS:GO who had the highest headshot percentage in the game is also a former CS:GO veteran who has switched to valorant. Hailing from Belgium, Scream is 28 years old and is currently signed to Team Liquid.

When it comes to fragging, there is no one better than scream. His one taps and headshots are a delight to watch. Although team liquid has failed to capitalise on international tournaments, scream made his mark on the tournaments, always fragging and carrying the team.

He is a versatile player who can use all of the agents, but he primarily uses Raze and Phoenix, and his role is that of a duelist in the squad. The scream had the highest average combat score and the best KD ratio in the VCT Masters 2024.

3) Best Valorant Players 2024 – FPX Suygetsu

Best Valorant Players 2022 FPX Suygetsu image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – FPX Suygetsu

Suygetsu is a Russian player who is signed to FunPlus Phoenix, which is a Chinese-owned gaming organization. Suygetsu is 20 years old and mostly plays as a controller for FPX.

He mostly plays Viper for FPX and is considered one of the best controllers in the game as of now. He has helped FPX to beat many top-tier teams in the world. He might not be the top fragging player or the headshot machine, but what he is good at is controlling, and he is very good at it.

Suyegtsu can defend the site on his own if needed. He mainly plays Viper as a controller but he can also play as a sentinel if the team needs it for a particular game. He is quite versatile in that.

Some people need to understand that they should also look at other aspects of the game rather than stats. There are some things that cannot be quantified, and valorant is a team game in which all aspects are important, from Duelist to Sentinel to Controllers. Everything has its own significance.

2) Best Valorant Players 2024 – SEN TenZ

Best Valorant Players 2022 SEN TenZ image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – SEN TenZ

One of the most popular faces of Valorant is no other than Tenz. He is 21 years old and is currently signed to Sentinels, which is an American gaming organization. Since the game’s release, TenZ has been regarded as the best valorant player in the world, and he has a very popular YouTube channel where he posts valorant-related content.

Sentinels defeated Fnatic 3-0 in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 2 Masters Grand Final in Reykjavik, Iceland, to claim the first-ever worldwide Valorant championship and TenZ have been a major part of the success, also winning all of their 9 games.

The Sentinels have not been performing as well as they did in previous years, but they have the team and the ability to become the best team in the world once again. TenZ form has also not been that great recently.

TenZ mostly plays Jett as a duelist for sentinels, and is widely regarded as one of the best Jett players in the world. Although there are many good valorant players that have come up that are as good or better than him now, TenZ was one of the few players who rose to fame when people saw his playstyle of jett.

1) Best Valorant Players 2024 – OpTiC Gaming YAY

Best Valorant Players 2022 OpTiC Gaming YAY image
Best Valorant Players 2024 – OpTiC Gaming YAY

YaY is a player from the United States who is currently signed to Optic Gaming and is believed by many to be the best valorant player currently. He also has a youtube channel with a massive following where he posts valorant related content.

He is also a former CS:GO player who has switched to valorant, and for years he has dominated the North American region and been the best player there.

When Yay joined OpTic Gaming in 2020, he struggled at first, but eventually he got in his element and adjusted properly to the game mechanics and the team, and he is currently dominating the game for a while.

YaY usually plays as a duelist and his top picked agents are Jett and Chamber, who are common to many of those in this list, but YaY’s presence of mind and aim is what separates him from the others who play the same agents.

OpTic went on to win this year’s VCT Master 2024, where he was one of the most important parts of the team and played a very crucial role in the win. He had the highest KD Ratio in the tournament with a KD of 1.32 and the 2nd highest average combat score at 253.3.

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