Best Valorant Agent Tier list 2023

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The Valorant agent tier list 5.05 patch includes a total of 19 agents as of right now, and a new agent, “Varun Batra” A.K.A. Harbor, who might be coming in the next month of october is confirmed.

So it gets confusing and sometimes hard to choose from so many characters in the game which agent we should master, so we have made this valorant agent tier list to make your choice easier.

In this article on the valorant agent tier list, We will rank the agents according to their pick rate in competitive play and list games according to their abilities and playmaking skills in the game.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Ranked Best To Worst

We will rank these Valorant Agent Tier List from best to worst.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Tier S


Valorant Agent Tier List – These agents are the best and most consistent picks in our Valorant Agent Tier list in all formats of the game From unranked to ranked or competitive play, these agents have the highest pick rate in the game, from a casual player to a top e-sports organization.

These agents have very useful play-making abilities and a consistent pick rate in the game, and they have so many player combos you can use them to win rounds and make plays to kill the whole enemy squad in the game.

These agents have so much to offer to the team as individual agents and as a squad who can win you a round. That’s why they have such a high pick rate in the game and that’s why these are our top choices for the Valorous Agent Tier List.

Chamber’s is currently the best sentinel in the game. The use of his trademark teleportation ability helps in getting the first pick and getting out of tough situations, and his lethal ultimate tour de force to take down opponents from his operator is such a good deal for saving rounds.

Fade has a nightmarish haunt ability to reveal the enemy in the haunt’s contacted area to its prowler, who is similar to a Skye wolf in his ability to stun or concuss an enemy and its powerful ultimate nightfall ability to rush a site Fade is an excellent choice for players who like to push aggressively into a site.

Kay-O is also one of the best initiators in the game. His iconic ultimate null/cmd can be best utilised to enter a site by nullifying the enemy’s traps to make entry for the team, as well as his signature abilities such as Frag/ment and Zero/Point, which can be used to identify and clear spots when rushing into the site.

Viper is the best controller in the game right now when it comes to defending. Viper can handle a site and stop the whole enemy team from entering a site alone from his toxic screen.

Whoever crosses it is a one-shot kill, and her snakebites can be used to buy time for the team to rotate and take a position on the site to stop the attack. Its ultimate viper pit is a nightmare for enemies, which is equally good for attack rounds and defending rounds.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Tier A


Valorant Agent Tier List – Tier A of the Valorant Agent Tier list 2022 includes five agents who are some of the game’s oldest agents, from the Russian archer Sova to the fast-as-hell Jett, we rank them in our Valorant Agent Tier list 2022.

But with the recent addition of new maps and agents, they have been somewhat overshadowed by them and are lagging behind in some aspects of the game, which is why their pick rate has dropped.

Omen from his shrouded steps to his ultimate “from the shadows”, which are short and long-range teleportation abilities, Omen is a living nightmare that uses his shadowy appearance to his maximum advantage and won’t think twice about utilising dread and anxiety as weapons against his foes.

He can take dropped spikes in any part of the map to flash the enemy and then teleport behind them to knife them for ultimate disrespect. Omen is a very fun agent, but for a controller.

Omen have lagged behind since the time the viper got a buff. The omen’s pick rates have drastically dropped in the game. But still, the omen is a good choice after the viper.

Sova everyone’s favourite Russian archer has literally the highest pick rate throughout the seasons and has always been in tier-s from the start of the game.

From his owl drone’s ability to reveal enemies to his recon bolt, which can reveal the entire site and enemies in it, to his classic ultimate hunter fury, which we have seen many times, he can literally wipe out an entire squad if caught in the line.

So with the recent introduction of fade and some newer maps, Sova has been ineffective, so that’s why his popularity and pick rate have dropped, but still, Sova is still so strong in some maps.

Jett is the one who can be put above S-Tier. The duelist who has been instalocked the most has to be her. She was the top pick anytime, any day for a normal player to become an Esport player and the most fun duelist in the game.

but after Jett got nerfed, it got hard for people to capitalise on that unique ability to dash out instantly. It now has to be activated first by pressing the button to activate it and then the dash will be activated. More nerfs have been done to Jett because he was too overpowered an agent throughout Valorant.

Raze and Breach have been the oldest agents in the game. From Raze’s nade and boom bot to his signature ultimate showstopper to Breach’s faultline and flashes to his ultimate rolling thunder, they are both meant for destruction. They strike fear in our hearts when they open their ultimate and say “fire in the hole” and “let’s go.”

Both are the favourites for those who like to play aggressively, but the meta has been shifted and duelists are getting picked less than in previous seasons, and Breach has always been an underrated agent throughout seasons, but they are still good in competitive play and competitive leagues.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Tier B


Valorant Agent Tier List -These agents are not that good in recent times Sage, who is chosen in most maps except Breeze, has a great application in the game and uses his wall to take down enemies with unexpected angles.

Neon is a fun agent that has been chosen by many players since its release in ranked, but the situation is different in competitive play, where there are few teams that use neon in their play style. Neon has a high pick rate in fracture but not in other maps.

Brimstone, who always had a very low pick rate, is not much utilised in competitive play by players. He can be good in some maps like bind and fracture, but in others, he is not picked. Brim is a good agent for post plant and can win you rounds if you know lineups etc., but there are other better controllers in the game than him.

Skye was a top initiator pick in previous seasons, but she has been overshadowed by Fade since his recent introduction in Bind. She still has a high pick rate but not in other maps Skye is not a bad agent, but there are some better initiators who can offer more in terms of making plays.

Astra, who was once considered the best controller in the game, is now in a weird spot in the game. Her smokes are not the best for a controller agent, but her concuss and pull and great her ultimate Astra wall can make plays for the team.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Tier C


These are fallen agents who have been ranked down to C Tier, such as Killjoy, who has a good pick rate in ascent but not in other maps where she is not picked at all due to Chamber.

Cypher was once considered a strong sentinel, but that was in the game’s early days, and from then on he has literally been picked very rarely in competitive play or ranked matches His buffs can not even be considered buffs. That is why he has had a bad pick rate for such a long time.

Phoenix and Reyna are at the bottom of the pro play barrel and they are picked in ranked matches but not in competitive games.

Reyna has a high pick rate in ranked matches because players smurf in low elos using Reyna. But she and Phoenix are not even picked in competitive matches because they lack playmaking ability and their abilities are not as useful to some other duelists.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Tier D


Valorant Agent Tier List – When introduced, Yoru seemed to be the best duelist in the game and his hype was real, but it turned out the other way as he became the worst duelist in the game and it got to a point where people selected yoru, people thought you were throwing the game.

When you got buffed recently, he got better than the previous season, but the 2 TP’s and buffed yoru ult is still not enough to compete with the other agents on the list.

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