Best Duelists Icebox 2024

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Icebox is a challenging map with lots of ups and downs and various attack routes. To succeed here, agents must not only aim well but also navigate different angles. Knowing the Best Duelists Icebox 2024 on Icebox is crucial for making progress onto the sites.

Duelists, known for their aggressive style and self-reliance, thrive in Icebox’s fast-paced showdowns. Let’s get into the best duelists who rule the icy battleground, uncovering their abilities and showcasing their potential.

Best Duelists Icebox 2024

The finest duelists on Icebox for making a powerful entry:

  • Jett
    • A classic choice, Jett stands out as one of the best duelists on Icebox.
    • Her kit perfectly suits the map’s verticality and angles. Updrafting and reaching elevated spots is crucial for entering and retaking sites.
    • Icebox’s love for snipers makes Jett’s ability to play in various angles, both high and low, a recipe for success. Combined with Tailwind, she can secure a kill, escape without retaliation, and reposition.
    • Her ultimate shines in eco rounds, delivering incredible value alongside her other abilities.
  • Reyna
    • While Jett dominates Icebox, Reyna has her role, especially for teams with multiple duelists. Reyna excels for players with precise aim, thriving on kills.
    • Tenz’s choice of Reyna during the VCT Masters in Reykjavik remains iconic for Icebox plays.
    • Her Leer provides a great flash for pushing onto sites, and her Dismiss, similar to Jett’s Tailwind, makes trading difficult. The Empress ultimate turns her into a formidable killing machine.
  • Raze
    • Raze, another duelist, excels on Icebox with her explosive abilities.
    • Her grenade and Boombot clear out popular angles, akin to Jett’s Updraft and Dash. Her Blastpack satchels provide mobility for creating space.
    • Satchels help her vault onto sites and displace opponents trying to plant or defuse the spike.
    • Raze often pairs with Fade for a utility combo, using Seize and Paintshells to secure kills at chokepoints.
  • Yoru
    • The final addition to our list is Yoru, a niche pick but successful on multiple maps, especially in double duelist setups.
    • Yoru’s flashes, with practice, are nearly impossible to dodge, flashing multiple angles. While not as explosive as Jett or Raze, his teleport can surprise defenders and offer quick rotations.
    • His ultimate is handy for repositioning, gaining information, and retrieving the spike in awkward spots.

Knowing Best Duelists Icebox 2024 can help you in your agent selection, Jett is known for her speed and flexibility, Reyna for precision, Raze for explosive firepower, and Yoru for being unpredictable.

These agents each bring something special to the fast and intense battles, shaping how competitions unfold on the icy terrain.

As you play on this challenging map, how these duelists use their unique abilities will keep defining the ever-changing strategies on Icebox.