Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

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In this article we will tell you about the best agents for tdm in valorant. Team deathmatch is the most recent game mode introduced by Riot for their tactical FPS Valorant. Launched in Episode 7 Act I, it has quickly become the favorite mode among the player base.

Valorant has been lacking new game modes for a while now, with the last one being Swiftplay introduced in Patch 5.12.

With the Call of Duty-inspired Team Deathmatch now available, the pick rates for aggressive agents are expected to rise. Let’s create a comprehensive list of the best agents suited for this mode.

It’s important to note that this list is not ranked chronologically. The order of agents does not indicate superiority or inferiority. Now, let’s delve into the list and determine the top agent choices for the game.

Top 10 Best Agents For TDM In Valorant (Team Deathmatch)

Valorant Team Deathmatch has reignited the passion for FPS games among Valorant fans. This innovative game mode features intuitive maps that cater to both long-range and short-range gunfights.

The weapon phases add excitement and uniqueness, setting Valorant apart from other games in the genre.

While the mode itself promotes aggression, it’s essential to carefully choose agents for your Team Deathmatch lineup.

Generally, any duelist is a viable choice due to their kits and the nature of the mode. However, if a duelist is not available, there are still agents that can bring value to the team.

10. Breach – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Breach is an excellent choice for close-range gunfights, considering the relatively short distances on all three maps. His flashes are effective in clearing out enemy clusters.

The signature stun ability recharges quickly, allowing you to engage in duels or stun areas where you suspect enemies to be, resulting in quick and easy kills.

While the ultimate ability recharges slowly for all agents, it can yield multiple kills when used strategically.

The Aftershock ability is particularly useful for clearing corners and dealing with campers. Pairing Breach with a duelist like Jett creates a formidable combination.

9. Skye – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Similar to Breach, Skye can greatly assist your team when used effectively. Skye possesses a comprehensive toolkit suitable for Team Deathmatch.

Her abilities include a flash, a heal, a trailblazer ability that can stun enemies, and an ultimate that grants near-sight vision.

Skye becomes lethal when paired with an aggressive duelist like Jett or Phoenix. The flash and trailblazer ability provide valuable information, allowing your duelists to secure kills.

Considering the small map size, the heal ability becomes even more effective. If you intend to group up with your team, Skye is an excellent choice.

8. Chamber – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Chamber may seem out of the meta currently, but he remains a decent agent for Team Deathmatch.

His Headhunter ability is perfect for the pistol phases, while the teleport ability allows for a quick escape from enemy gunfire. The Tour De Force enables Chamber to hold the backlines and eliminate enemies with precision.

In this mode, Chamber’s role as a sniper is well-suited, as he can eliminate enemies from a distance without excessive pressure from utility. This versatility makes him one of the top picks for Team Deathmatch.

7. Gekko – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

The newest initiator in Valorant, Gekko, has various applications in Team Deathmatch when played correctly. The Dizzy ability is strong and provides substantial value when used to gain an advantage.

The ultimate ability, Thrash, can divebomb and eliminate multiple enemies when properly executed. The Wingman ability can stun enemies around corners, functioning similarly to Raze’s Boombot.

The Mosh Pit ability excels in crowd control situations. While these abilities may seem situational, they prove effective in the hands of skilled players. Like other initiators, Gekko pairs well with duelists, providing assistance and potential trades in case they fall.

6. Yoru – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Moving on to the duelists, Yoru is slightly less viable in this mode due to opponents being able to anticipate his teleportation destinations, which can lead to quick kills.

However, if used strategically, Yoru can be a lethal agent. He has the ability to teleport players into the enemy spawn, securing free kills.

Furthermore, his flashes are valuable for team play, and his ultimate allows for repositioning behind enemies to capitalize on chaos. A defensive playstyle can involve placing your teleport in your own spawn while pushing ahead, providing an escape route when overwhelmed.

5. Reyna – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Reyna proves to be much more viable in Team Deathmatch compared to other modes. When played skillfully, she can emerge unscathed from any gunfight.

Thanks to the short corners and cubbies on the maps, Reyna can engage in fights and use her Dismiss ability to escape, prolonging her lifespan. In addition, her Devour ability allows for health regeneration when low on health.

By throwing her Leer high enough, she can blind enemies at a considerable distance, enabling kills on disoriented opponents.

Reyna’s ultimate can be devastating in the hands of an excellent aimer, consistently capitalizing on Dismiss to engage in advantageous gunfights.

4. Neon – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Neon’s viability extends beyond competitive play and into Team Deathmatch. Her ability to disrupt enemy crosshair placement proves to be a significant advantage in this mode.

Additionally, her Dash ability recharges after every kill, allowing for swift and unpredictable movement. Her Stun abilities are effective for pushing corners, and her Overdrive turns her into a killing machine when utilized effectively.

Furthermore, her Walls can surprise enemies by pushing into their spawns or other populated areas unexpectedly. Neon’s abilities synergize exceptionally well together, solidifying her position as one of the top agents for this game mode.

3. Jett – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Jett, one of Valorant’s premier duelists, holds her ground in Team Deathmatch. Her abilities combine seamlessly, keeping her alive even in the chaos of this mode.

The Updraft and Dash abilities enable her to evade enemy gunfire effectively. Jett can use her Dash aggressively or sneak into the enemy spawn with her Cloudburst abilities.

Her Blade Storm ultimate can be lethal in the hands of a skilled marksman, serving as a constant threat to the enemy team.

Pairing Jett with any initiator creates the ultimate combination to face off against enemies. Overall, Jett is not only one of the best duelists in Valorant but also a highly viable choice for Team Deathmatch.

2. Phoenix – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

The fiery British agent, Phoenix, is often overlooked in the game but proves to be exceptionally viable in Team Deathmatch.

His abilities are perfectly suited for the small map size and the required gameplay style. The Hot Hands ability can be used both offensively to damage enemies and defensively to heal oneself.

The Curveball flashes outshine others due to the abundance of small cubbies and corners on the maps. Additionally, the firewall can assist in crossing into enemy spawns. However, Phoenix’s most crucial ability is Run it Back, enabling quick multi-kills without sacrificing his own life.

Team Deathmatch is the ideal mode to utilize Phoenix’s kit, built for aggression and offensive plays.

1. Raze – Best Agents For TDM In Valorant

Raze stands as the ultimate agent for Team Deathmatch, thanks to her area-of-effect damage capabilities.

The Blast Packs grant aggressive angles by propelling Raze to elevated positions, while the Paint Shells deal lethal damage to clustered enemies. Moreover, the Paint Shells charge quickly, allowing for frequent grenade lobbing in potential enemy locations.

Her Boombot serves two purposes: as a distraction to catch opponents off-guard and for clearing corners and cubbies. Raze’s ultimate ability synergizes well with initiator flashes and stuns.

For instance, combining her ultimate with a Breach flash sets up Showstopper for easy multi-kills when placed correctly. Thus, Raze is undoubtedly one of the best agents to pick in Team Deathmatch, owing to her explosive kit.

These agents should be your top priority when selecting a team for Valorant Team Deathmatch mode. If you found this Valorant guide helpful, we have more guides available for you. Click here to explore them and enhance your gameplay experience.

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