Review: Is Scam?

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A new website using a phishing scam to fool people has come to the internet. The name of the website is This is a scam website for sure that offers $1000 cash prizes to every visitor. Could anybody have that much money to give people to visit?

Scammers try to use the name of MrBeast because he is popular with his innovative and peculiar ideas of giveaway money, products or anything he wants.

Scammers always try to take advantage of any brand, and it is easy to make people fool in this manner. Scammers are trying to take advantage of the brand and philanthropic reputation MrBeast holds.

Let us dive more into the workings of this website and try to take out the modus operandi used behind scam—other similar websites: Beast-take, Beast-tack, Beast-spin, Beast-surf, and Beast-sofa.

What is website promotes itself as a cash giveaway platform sponsored by the MrBeast. They promise their visitor to claim their reward of $1000 for free. But all the giveaway scams created by scammers are based on one fundamental, which is to acquire people’s personal information.

Scammers trying to take advantage of MrBeast’s work and reputation to get attention from the public and alluring them with free money to grab them into their trap.

To make people believe they are authentic, scammers mimic the branding style, graphics and video titles as MrBeast does. As MrBeast is famous for his giveaway videos, scammers try to use it and fool others.

Scammers operate on a big scale, utilizing bots and fake accounts to promote fraudulent websites like across the internet.

Tactics Used by Scammers

  1. Impersonating MrBeast’s brand. They use his logo, colour scheme, graphics and message style.
  2. Promising an unrealistic $ 1,000 to every visitor
  3. Countdown timers and text warning prizes are used to pressure the visitors.
  4. Fake account login screens
  5. To enable identity theft, surveys were used on

How Scam Works?

  1. They are getting traffic to their scam site via bots, social media, fake accounts, clickbait headlines, giveaways and many more.
  2. Cheating their visitors: using the brand, graphics, and logos of MrBeast; fake testimonials used; timers and notification warnings to pressure visitors; guaranteeing $1000.
  3. Steal Personal Data and Money: surveys are used to get people’s personal information; login pages take visitors’ usernames and passwords; phone numbers are taken, and people might receive SMS spam or malware links.
  4.  Shut down the website: The scam never runs for long; soon, this website, like many others, will vanish from the internet without any trace.

FAQ of

  1. Is affiliated with MrBeast? No, it is not.
  2. Can You get $1000 from No.
  3. Is stealing money? Yes, that is their ultimate goal.
  4. What information Collect? Mainly people’s personal data.
  5. Is Scam? Yes, it is a scam.
  6. Is legit? No.
  7. Is real or fake? It is a 100% fake website.

First Few Steps to do If you got Scammed

  • Contact your bank/ financial institution ASAP: If you used a credit card or debit card for payment, it is advisable to immediately reach out to your bank or financial institution and request them to cancel the transaction and refund your money. Additionally, you should report the site as fraudulent and request them to block any future charges.
  • Change Passwords ASAP: In case you have registered an account on a fake site or used the same password for other online accounts, it is recommended to change your passwords immediately. Additionally, if possible, you should activate two-factor authentication for your accounts. This security measure will help prevent unauthorized access by hackers and safeguard your personal information.
  • Beware of phishing emails: You may receive emails from scammers or other sources that appear to be related to your order or offer you discounts or refunds. However, these emails could be phishing attempts to deceive you into clicking on malicious links or downloading attachments that may infect your device with malware or steal your information. Deleting such emails and avoiding opening any links or attachments is advisable.
  • Use content blocker: The use of content blockers can be beneficial in preventing malicious ads, Trojans, phishing attacks, and other unwanted content that may not be detected by antivirus software alone.
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