5 Highly Anticipated NFT Games That Are Play To Earn

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Let’s explore five highly anticipated NFT games, each offering a unique blend of gameplay and play-to-earn opportunities.

The fusion of NFTs and gaming has ignited a new wave of enthusiasm among players and investors alike. While the current landscape of crypto and NFT games may not be universally satisfying, the anticipation is high as established game developers step into the arena.

BigTime: A Futuristic Multiplayer RPG Adventure


Backed by notable investors, including celebrity Ashton Kutcher, BigTime stands as a future AAA game in the NFT space.

Described as a multiplayer action RPG, akin to games like Diablo, players embark on a journey across time and space with friends.

The early access version, set for early 2022, is exclusive to NFT pass holders, with the game becoming free-to-play for everyone post-early access.

BigTime allows players to earn cosmetic NFTs, emphasizing a non-pay-to-win approach, and introduces the innovative concept of a Time Machine, serving as a personalized space for showcasing NFTs, loot, and socializing.

Phantom Galaxies: A Space Exploration RPG

Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies offers a single-player space exploration experience, where players can transform their spaceship into a space mecha.

With RPG elements, players engage in main and optional quests while navigating through space, battling enemies, and collecting resources.

The alpha version is accessible to NFT holders, providing a glimpse into the immersive universe and gameplay mechanics.

Heroes Of Mavia: Clash of Clans Meets Play-To-Earn

Heroes Of Mavia

Inspired by Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity, Heroes of Mavia introduces a play-to-earn concept where players can make money while enjoying the game.

Similar to Axie Infinity, Mavia incorporates different types of tokens, allowing players to cash out winnings, such as destroying enemy bases.

Land NFT ownership is a prerequisite to play, but non-owners can participate through a scholarship program, akin to Axie’s model.

Illuvium: Unreal Engine-Powered Open World RPG


Built on Unreal Engine, Illuvium promises a visually stunning open-world RPG experience where players hunt special creatures called Illuvials.

Over 100 Illuvials are scattered across diverse landscapes, each belonging to different classes and affinities.

Captured Illuvials become NFTs in the player’s wallet, and players can assemble teams to engage in arena battles utilizing an auto-battler system.

Guild Of Guardians: Mobile RPG with Play-To-Earn Dynamics

Guild Of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a highly anticipated mobile NFT game that offers an RPG experience where players build dream teams of Guardians.

Players can join guilds, compete, and earn various in-game rewards in this dungeon RPG, reminiscent of games like Diablo.

The game is positioned as both free-to-play and play-to-earn, promising an enjoyable gaming experience alongside potential earnings.


As the NFT and gaming realms converge, the anticipation for genuinely enjoyable and rewarding experiences is palpable.

These five highly anticipated NFT games represent a glimpse into the future, where established game developers are set to elevate the quality and enjoyment of NFT gaming.

While challenges persist, the prospect of play-to-earn dynamics integrated into engaging gameplay signals a promising evolution in the world of gaming.

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