All Valorant Champions Songs Released By Riot Games

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In this article we will cover all valorant champions songs released by riot games.

Riot Games, renowned for its captivating gameplay experiences, has equally established itself as a masterful creator of musical marvels with a diverse range of musical scores and content, Riot Games has captured the hearts of its community.

Fondly referred to as a “music company” by fans, Riot Games weaves melodies that transcend mere auditory experiences.

From heart-pounding metal anthems to soul-stirring orchestral compositions and infectious pop tunes, Riot Games’ musical prowess remains unparalleled.

This auditory journey parallels the musical evolution experienced by Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends, over the last decade. Since its inception, Valorant has been graced with a symphony of melodies that resonate with players.

Riot Games has consistently bestowed the community with musical treasures, establishing a vibrant auditory landscape for the game.

Valorant Champions Musical Odyssey

As the Valorant community rallies behind their favorite agents, Riot Games amplifies the fervor with dedicated musical anthems.

Just as the League of Legends World Championship boasts enthralling music videos, the Valorant Champions, the premier esports championship for Valorant, too, enjoys this grandeur.

The valorous journey commenced in 2021, marked by the inaugural Valorant Champions. The anthem, “Die For You ft. Grabbitz,” became the heartbeat of Valorant Champions 2021.

Sage, Brimstone, Phoenix, and Chamber, the featured agents, illuminate the narrative. Within the breathtaking Split map, the agents brave B site, confronting the spike and making noble sacrifices to defuse the explosive threat.

Each sequence delves into the agents’ depths, unraveling their true essence. This anthem’s essence is etched into the Valorant Champions 2021 Vandal finisher.

The crescendo continued into 2022 with “Fire Again ft. Ashnikko.” This anthem harmonized with professional Valorant players, merging their prowess into the very fabric of the music video.

Sentinels’ TenZ, Cloud9’s MeL, G2 Esports’ mimi, Fnatic’s Boaster, and others graced the anthem’s vibrant rhythm. The Valorant Champions 2022 Phantom skin culminates in the beat drop from this anthem.

The magnum opus of Valorant Champions 2023, “Ticking Away,” resounded on July 31st, affirming Riot Games’ unyielding commitment to sonic innovation.

A poignant exploration of growth, separation, and unity unfolds across the “One More’s” of life, love, and Valorant.

The melody, spanning 3 minutes and 23 seconds, weaves a tapestry of memories, capturing the essence of ‘One More’ moments.

The music video immerses viewers in the profound nostalgia of knee scrapes, playdates, and heartaches, resonating with players young and old.

All Valorant Champions Songs Released By Riot Games

Amidst this symphonic journey, Riot Games extends its musical enchantment across Valorant’s expansive soundscape. Explore these exclusive melodies:

  • RAJA
  • Reflections
  • >one – greater than one
  • Can’t Slow Me Down
  • All Eyes on Me

Final Thoughts

Riot Games has artfully embedded the very essence of Valorant within its musical notes, creating a symphony that harmonizes with the battles, victories, and cherished memories of players.

The Valorant Champions anthems stand as testaments to Riot Games’ dedication to storytelling through sound, forging an unbreakable bond between players and the game’s auditory tapestry.

As Valorant’s journey continues, so shall the melodies that weave its tapestry of adventures, emotions, and triumphs.

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