Review: Is Activefinance A Scam? Or Legitimate E-investment Site?

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Greetings to all! Welcome to review. Investing your money is the best way to build wealth. However, investing blindly is a bad way to lose money.

Today, we are going to look into website, which offers a platform to earn high returns on your investment.

People have many questions regarding this website, and a few of them are as follows: is a scam? Or is a legit investment platform? Is real or Fake?

What is

This website claims to be an investment website with high returns, and we are suspicious that it is using the illegal Scheme. Nobody can guarantee the volatility of the investment.

They offer high returns from 100% after 10 days to 400% within 6 hours

Note: We discovered that Activefinance is using two unlawful business practices on its platform; a Ponzi scheme and multi-level marketing (MLM).

Specification: Reviews

  • Website Name:
  • Email Id: NA.
  • Contact Number: NA
  • Contact Address: NA.
  • Registered Companies No.: NA.
  • Plans: 100% to 400% in 1 Day
  • Social Media: They are not present on Social Media.
  • Domain Age: 0 Year 7 Months 18 Days (2022-08-08)
  • Referral: 7% referral bonus

FAQ: Reviews Real or Fake?

A real website must have unique and original content. The content present on is copied from other websites.

It is not good to trust a website blindly that uses some other fake website content. It is not a real website.

Is  legit?

After researching it, we are not able to find who owns this site. The website itself not share anything about its owner or CEO. Even people behind this site have guarded their info in WHOIS records. This shows that it is not a legit website. App Download

This site doesn’t have any apps. It is simply operating via a website. They offer their members the to test apps on their site and earn money.

Is Scam?

All fundamental flaws that are found on a non-legit site that later turn into scams are also present on Activefinance. So, sooner or later, This particular investment website will scam people. Our opinion is simple; please do not use this site and keep a good long distance from it.

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Red Flags: Reviews

  • Owner Information is Not Shared on the website or anywhere else.
  • Using Duplicate Content.
  • Guarantee high returns without any risk. It is nothing but using a Ponzi Scheme.
  • In the Era of Social Media, they are not active on social media.
  • Data security is an issue as they have not guarded their website properly.
  • Affiliate Work: A Ponzi Scheme: Referral work or influencing people to visit a new platform is not a scam method. But if a website asks people to become influencers just to bring new people to their website without any reason then that site is a scam.
  • Activefinance is using this referral method to scam as many people as they can. Referral method work when a site has some service or products to sell. But on this website, nothing is sold. They want members to bring new members only. It is a classic method of online job scams.


In last, we want to say that you should keep yourself away from bad websites like Activefinance. It is not a legit online site to earn Bitcoin. Never ever share your information with unknown websites; they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other unscrupulous activity.

We hope that Activefinance Reviews helped you to understand the true nature of this website. This kind of website target people on Social Media, Like many other people, people in our social circle are also get affected by such kind of scams.

Request: It is our humble request to people who have some experience with the Activefinance site to share their experience in the comment box. It helps others to understand the reality of this website.

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